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Make your next biometric screening event a little less painful with our marketing and communication support.

Considered a "Virtual Screening Event?"

For nearly a decade we've provided virtual screenings to many organizations, where our Health Screeners meet staff "virtually" over the phone or video chat to walk them through the screening process step-by-step.

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Why offer biometric screenings at work?

Over 50% of employees do not get their annual health screening, which makes your workplace an ideal location for them to quickly and confidentially have their physical health assessed to better understand their current health status.

Plus, obtaining aggregate reporting on your workforce, identifies areas to enhance your wellness programming initiatives.

Employees Have Screening Options!

Make it easy for your employees to get screened, by offering multiple biometric screening options whether that be onsite at your workplace, at their doctor's office or to participate in one of our virtual screening events.

A great alternative for those that can’t make it to an onsite screening event, include remote workers and spouses.

Unlike just sending out a home-test-kit, participants still sign-up for an appointment, where one of our Health Screeners meets them “virtually” over via chat or phone and walks them through the process step-by-step.

We can host up to 25 people at one time, which provides camaraderie among peers and we’ve found that the return rate on kits is above 90%.

Traditionally, we host events onsite at your workplace and we can accommodate any shift, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. 

Plus, we screen wherever your location(s) is by accessing our network of a 1,000+ of trained screeners  across the country.

Employees who have recently seen their physician to get screened or plan to within a specified time period, can have their doctor send in their lab reports as an alternative to participating in the onsite events, which still ensures a collection of data to be included in the overall aggregate reports. 

We often work with local clinics in the area, so if there’s one available, chances are employees can be screened there using our screening supplies we ship to the clinic. We’ll handle all the the logistics, training and supplies, ensuring the data is included in your overall aggregate reports.

Our Screening Method

Our screening process is the least invasive AND most accurate.
We use "Dry Blood Spot" technology, collecting only a few drops of blood on the size of a business card, which is then overnighted to our lab for analysis.

Dry Blood Spot

Our chosen method – the least invasive with lab tested for best accuracy.

Least Invasive

The finger-poke method is the least invasive way to draw blood from an individual vs. venipuncture, which requires a large needle. Not fun!

Most Accurate

Since blood samples are shipped to a CLIA-certified laboratory, you can rest assure that your employees' test results will be the most accurate.

Quick Results

We overnight every sample to our lab, so employees get their results back in days, not weeks via mail and securely to our wellness portal.

The Other Methods...

Instant Results, also called "finger-stick" testing, and Venipuncture, are the most common approaches.

Unfortunately, venipuncture though the most accurate, is the most invasive and does require a lot more technical skills and additional onsite equipment, which increases the risk for "human error.

Instant Results

Least invasive, considered a “waived” test and not as accurate.


Lab tested for best accuracy, but most invasive method.

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