Why Company Culture Is So Critical To Success

Company culture can be defined as a set of shared goals, values, practices that characterize an organization. It can refer to the personality of a company, it can refer to the beliefs of a company.  It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.

Some companies have a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels, while some businesses have a more traditional and formal management style. Other companies have a casual workplace without many rules and regulations. 

Company culture can run deep, representing the way people feel when they work for a company. These traits, beliefs, values, practices, all of them play a role in developing and maintaining the culture of a company. 

When we think about companies that demonstrate great workplace culture, we think about organizations such as Apple, Tesla or Starbucks. All 3 of them are among the biggest companies in the world and considered to be leaders in their respective categories. While these 3 differ in a number of different ways, all of them share a strong workplace culture.

Why Company Culture Matters 

There’s a number of reasons why company culture matters to a company. 

When employees are passionate about the company they work for, everyone wins. Most employees love to work when their needs and values are consistent with those in the workplace. They usually develop better relationships with coworkers and management. Furthermore, these employees are usually more productive, engaging and loyal to the organization.

If you’re working for a company that you’re not passionate about, you’re not going to be able to perform at your very best. This is why it’s vital for companies to have a clear culture and articulate that culture to potential future employees.

Company culture is important for both companies and employees. 

Company culture is important to employers too because workers who fit in with the company culture are likely to not only be happier, but more productive. When an employee fits in with the culture, they are also likely to want to work for that company for longer.

How Can A Company Build The Right Culture

If your company culture is not clear and defined, today is a great time to make it right. As you’re learning and likely already know, it’s important to the success of your business. 

We believe that workplace culture should be a core business strategy. You can’t allow your culture to build itself, you have to take action now and make it happen.

Here’s what we recommend.

  • Identify your philosophy, policies and procedures for your company
  • Build feedback loops for leadership, management and employees
  • Establish clear values, beliefs and ethos
  • Hire employees that share the company’s values and mission
  • Clearly communicate the importance of every employees’ actions
  • Communicate what your company is doing and planning to do
  • Establish training programs that consistently teaches your core values

Remember, workplace culture is never a finished product. You can set it and leave it. You’ll be working on your culture now, tomorrow and in the years to come. Focus on your culture as a major business strategy, it’s that important. 

How to Research And Learn A Company’s Culture 

It is not always easy to understand a company’s culture. Below are some tips for assessing a company’s culture during your job search:

(1) Visit The Company Website: Most companies have a website and while every company won’t have detailed insights on their “culture,” some of them will. Check out pages that may be titled “About Us,” “Mission,” or “Values.” You can learn a lot about an organization by viewing their website.

(2) Do Your Own Research: If you’re willing to take a few minutes to do your own research, there’s a lot you can learn from your own research. Glassdoor, for example, provides reviews of companies written by employees. Publications and websites like Business Insider and Entrepreneur also create annual lists of organizations with the best company culture. You can go to Google and check a company’s reviews via the search engine.

(3) Ask Current And Former Employees: If you know someone who works for a company you want to join, take the time to reach out to them and ask questions. You need to make sure these employees are not judging the company because they were terminated. This is why it’s important to speak to as many as you can.

(4) Ask The Right Questions: Your employer will likely ask you questions to assess whether you’d be a good fit for the organization. While you can learn a lot from the questions asked, you can ask questions too. This is your opportunity to ask about the culture of the company and what they represent.

(5) Follow An Employee: If you’re going to be offered a job but don’t know the company’s culture, reach out and ask if you could follow someone around for a few hours. This will be a useful way to see the office dynamics in play and to ask any remaining questions.

Look For The “Right” Fit

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Ever heard that one before? 

It’s true, it’s important to find a job that you love. 

You should be searching for a company that has a great workplace culture. You should be searching for a company that shares the same values as you have. While we rely on a job to make a living, many of us want to have a purpose and want the opportunity to advance in our careers. It’s up to you find that right culture and environment or you could regret it later if you don’t find that type of employer.

We spend a lot portion of our life at work, so it makes sense to find a job that you’ll love. If you’re not going to be happy working for a particular company, it may be better to pass on the opportunity and move on. Before you accept a job you’re not sure about, take some time to ensure it’s a good fit for your skill set, experience, personality and goals for the future. 

It’s equally important for employers to find the right people to work for their company. If you’re attracting potential employees that don’t have the same values, vision and mission, it can cause more harm than good.

If you don’t have a clear company culture, this could be a core reason why you’re attracting the wrong employees. Here at Kadalyst, we can help you build strong workplace culture that empowers your company to reach that next level. We have a number of different services that can help you build the right company culture.

If you want to learn more, be sure to reach out and talk to us. You can reach us at 503-512-5175 or use this contact form.

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