(9) Key Pillars To An Effective Corporate Wellness Program That Generates ROI

Corporate wellness programs are designed to educate, support and encourage employee wellbeing by creating an organizational culture of health. Offering a corporate wellness program that goes beyond the traditional wellness program allows you to nurture healthy habits among your employees.

In short, your employees get healthier and it can lead to higher employee morale, higher productivity, higher employee engagement, less health care costs and a stronger workplace culture.

becoming more popular as companies are seeing how positive the impacts can be when focusing on the health of their employees.

Too many men and women associate their job with stress, unhappiness, pain and an overall feeling of being unhealthy. Employees are going to spend a large percentage of their life at work, so being “unhealthy” is not an option.

If a corporate wellness program worth the investment? Can you see positive ROI with this corporate wellness solution? The proven answer is yes, but there is a roadmap that must be followed.

(1) Program Impact And Results

The biggest consideration for employers is deciding whether a corporate wellness solution will deliver on what it says it does. While we can’t speak for others, Kadalyst has seen first hand how corporate wellness solutions can impact your organization and generate ROI. Our wellness solutions can help you improve;

  • Employee Engagement
  • Workplace Culture
  • Employee Retention
  • Attracting Top Tier Talent
  • Health Care Cost Reduction

With that being said, you’ll need to focus on your primary objectives for investing in a wellness solution. Working with Kadalyst, we can show you how each platform can generate results and how these results are determined.

(2) Program Features

Corporate wellness programs can offer different solutions based on the specific vendor you work with. Program features can differ from one company to the next, so make sure you identify the features each can provide. Once you know the objectives and outcomes you’re looking for, you’ll be able to review each program’s features and see which is going to align best with what you need to achieve.

(3) Custom Programs And Flexibility

When you first launch your corporate wellness programs, you’re going to have a lot of different opportunities for growth. Likewise, you’re also going to have areas that will need improved. Due to this, it’s important to have a wellness solution that can be customized and flexible as need be. 

(4) Program Integrations

Having a full corporate wellness program should help you increase exposure and usage once employees learn everything that’s being offered. Ideally, you want a solution that perfectly integrates with your company. You want to accurately and thourghly review everything to get an honest assessment of where your program stands.

(5) Program Reporting, Data And Analytics

The most important element of any employee wellness program is accurate reporting so employees and employers can make the right decisions. This is another reason why working with the right wellness solutions partner matters. Here at Kadalyst, our biometric health screenings are accurate. When it comes to one’s health, you should never leave anything to chance.

As your corporate wellness program launches and you begin to collect data, you’re going to get a roadmap to improving your program. You’re going to learn what employees like, what they don’t like and they’ll give you feedback on how improvements can be made. Furthermore, if you work with Kadalyst, you’re going to also get feedback on how your employees are engaging the program. This continous feedback loop is essential to creating the best corporate wellness program possible.

(6) Employee Engagement

Speaking of engagement, if employees are not engaging with your wellness program, that’s going to be a problem. We’re always discussing employee engagement, especially as it pertains to corporate wellness. If your company has built a strong workplace culture, you could see high engagement rates for your program at launch. Some employers find it very difficult to get their employees engaged, this is something we can help you with.

None the less, your corporate wellness solution can’t help everyone involved if no one is engaged. You want your employees to engage with your program on a regular basis. 

(7) User Experience

User experience is important, you need to ensure your wellness program is fun, exciting, rewarding, easy to use, easy to understand, built with the end user in mind. You also need to have the ability to track how employees use your program as well. You’ll never be able to see long-term growth and behavior changes if you’re not always thinking about user experience and finding ways to improve it. 

(8) User Feedback And Communication

We’ve touched on feedback a time or two, it’s essential to your success because your employees are going through the processes of your program. You want to make sure they have the open floor to discuss the program. Be sure you’re welcoming of their insights, compliments, complaints and opinions. 

Furthermore, communication as a whole is essential to a successful program. For management, we want our employees to know about the opportunity of our wellness program. While we never want our employees to feel “pushed” to join, we do want to make sure they’re aware that it’s available for them if they choose to participate.

(9) The Right Leadership And Management

Every successful corporate wellness program has the right leadership and management in place to ensure positive ROI. Without it, your program is doomed from the start. Management and leadership has to be 110 percent committed to your cause. Done right, this is going to create a positive wave of cultural change in your organization that can’t be stopped. However, if management and your leaders are not on board, it’s going to be tough to create that positive momentum.

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