Employee Productivity: What It Is And How To Improve It

Employee productivity is a metric that’s calculated based on the amount of output on a project versus the amount it takes to complete. This metric can be used to measure an employee or a group of employees performing similar work.

Measuring employee productivity allows you to see how efficient your employees are with different task, assignments, projects and overall work. For example, you can use it to determine if more employees would be needed to finish a project or not. If the quality of work being performed is justified by the amount of hours being put in, employee productivity can be a numerical metric. The key is finding an optimal level of productivity for each task or project where productivity is the main component of progress. 

Now, a common mistake employers make is confusing the terms productivity and effectiveness. In short, these two terms are not interchangeable. Effectiveness refers to how much effort an employee puts in, productivity is how much work is completed. Some employees can be very productive but not very effective, whereas some employees can be effective without being very productive.

How To Measure Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is a way to measure efficiency among your employees. A low productivity number can be used as a diagnostic measurement for your company. If productivity is low, this could be a sign that the employee or group of employees is disengaged, wasting time, low employee morale, having trouble working as a team or they could have deeper issues. No matter what that may be, if productivity is low, it’s likely costing your business money.

(1) Do Employees Have The Right Attitude

It’s a proven fact, employees that enjoy their jobs are more productive than employees that don’t like their work. Employees that have a passion for their work are more productive, more motivational and take work seriously. Employees that don’t like their job will not give their full effort and participation. Even worse, these types of employees can bring others down, creating a negative work environment for everyone involved. 

(2) Are Leaders Leading Correctly

Leaders should be inspirational, motivational and encouraging to work for. They should aim to treat all employees with fairness to get the very best out of their teams. The types of managers you’re looking for are those that are on the front lines, helping employees reach their full potential. A leader that has no respect for others, uses their position as leverage, these types of leaders bring more harm than good.

(3) Are Your Employees Productive

The loss of production costs employers over $380M annually in the U.S. alone. If you’re not creating a workplace culture that allows employees to thrive, why would they stay with your company? They won’t, the stats prove it. Nearly 70 percent of employees feel upper management doesn’t appreciate them. That’s an alarming stat, no wonder so many organizations struggle with employee retention.

How To Improve Employee Productivity

Fortunately, if you’re struggling to keep your employees productive, there are solutions that can you can implement to change the current trends. 

(1) Start With Management

Your employees are the greatest assets your company has, it’s time to start treating them as such and that starts with the top management. Employees can’t thrive in a workplace culture that doesn’t support and appreciate them. Management must be firm and consistent to be successful but employees should always be treated fairly. It’s time to start a workplace culture that brings out the best in your employees.

(2) The Right Tools For The Job

Employee productivity can instantly improve when employees have the right tools to do the job at hand. What tools can you implement that will help your employees become more productive? Do you have old tools that need to be replaced? 

While tools, software and equipment are costs, low production is likely costing your company more. Invest in the right tools for your employees so they can be more productive.

(3) Get Your Employees Healthier

If your employees are not healthy, your productivity is going to take a big hit. Furthermore, you may experience higher levels of absenteeism, presenteeism and health care cost.

Employee wellness programs have a number of positive benefits that boost your workplace culture and environment. It enriches the lives of your employees and their families. Wellness programs can be designed and planned according to your company’s goals, boosting many different levels of your company.

Your company has specific needs, so you need a wellness program that fits your culture and team. If you work with Kadalyst, you get a dedicated wellness coordinator and support team that will focus on learning your workplace culture to design a program that fits your organization.

If you want more productive employees, check out how our wellness programs can help. You can also reach us at (503) 512-5175 or you can reach us via our contact form. We’d love to discuss your employee productivity and how Kadalyst can help you improve it.

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