Health Analytics: Empowering Employers Who Want A Healthy Workplace

Health analytics can refer to the analysis that focus on offering insights into medical management, such as wellness, costs, diagnoses, patient records and others. The term can cover a broad area of the healthcare industry, giving you insights to both marco and micro levels.

When health analytics are combined with data visualization tools and business insights, it can help executives and managers operate better by supporting important healthcare decisions that deliver ROI to the company. 

At Kadalyst, our health analytics provides you with powerful insight into your workforce’s future healthcare spend and current health status. Kadalyst provides a comprehensive analysis of your health analytics data and conducts a wellness program audit to further assess cost containment strategies and recommendations to establish program goals over the next 12-36 months.

Health Analytics Consulting Overview

There’s 4 levels that we cover during this process.

Health Analytics Review

  • Database Review
  • Review Care Gaps, Prevention, Medication, Claims, Biomarkers, Utilization

Wellness Program Audit

  • Program Scorecard
  • Employee Benefits
  • Vendors
  • Evaluations And Reporting

Assessment And Recommendations

  • Findings And Overview
  • Broker Q’s
  • Interventions
  • Support

Plan Review With Client

  • PDF Roadmap
  • Conference Call And Review
  • Q&A

Health Analytics Review

There’s a lot we can find reviewing your health analytics data. As we touched on just above, there’s 6 core areas that we focus on;

  • Care Gaps
  • Prevention
  • Medication
  • Claims
  • Biomarkers
  • Utilization

Gaps In Care is one of those core areas, so we’ll use a few examples of how we can review your health analytics to help you make smarter decisions.

Example One: We could host a workshop or webinar for employees to educate your health plan members on high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Your health plan could cover additional materials on these 2 areas if they cover them.

Example Two: We’d work hand in hand with your benefits consultant to make sure your health plan provides the right type of coverage to make it easy for care gap members to receive care, medications or surgery.

Healthcare Analytics Benefits

Touching on the benefits healthcare analytics can provide as a whole, there’s a wide range of perks in different areas of healthcare.

  • Improving Clinical Care – Gaining more access to patient data can help healthcare organizations and wellness companies find patterns, trends to help diagnosis, treatments and on-going patient care.
  • Disease Management – Health analytics allow us to better manage diseases through early detection and education. For example, biometric screening can inform your employees of potential health hazards that need to be addressed.
  • Actionable Data – Corporate wellness programs can give employees insights into their health, allowing them to take action in order to prevent chronic conditions.

Wellness Program Review

When it comes to health analytics for your employees, there’s a lot of positive data when you have an employee wellness program in place. If you work with Kadalyst, your employees are going to get access to life-changing data that can have an impact on their health and future.

Your company has specific goals and needs, you need a wellness program that aligns with them. You want your wellness program to be an extension of your workplace culture. There’s a lot of positive benefits for a wellness program that’s operated correctly, such as;

When done right, your wellness program will impact your company culture and environment, creating a workplace that employees can’t wait to participate in. If you work with Kadalyst, you get a dedicated wellness coordination team to help you every step of the way.

We’ll review your wellness program with our deep audit and checklist. We’ll follow that with a comprehensive list of recommendations so you can use this report as a guide for future program planning and budgeting.

Your wellness coordinator will be supporting you by;

  • Wellness Plan Design
  • Social Challenge Configuration
  • Wellness Committee Facilitation
  • Activity Verifications
  • Benefit/Resources
  • Target Messaging And Communications
  • Wellness Event Coordination
  • New Internal Policy Development

Wellness Technology

When it comes to the right wellness technology and health analytics, Kadalyst has you covered. Your online wellness toolkit includes;

  • Team Wellness Challenges
  • Wellness Activity Tracker
  • Incentive And Reward Management
  • NCQA Health Assessment
  • Personal Health Record
  • Wearable Integrations
  • Health Content Library
  • Biometric Reporting
  • Message Center

We understand there’s a lot here to take in, so don’t hesitate to jump on a phone call so we can discuss everything in-depth and answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at 503-512-5175 or you can use our contact form here.

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