How To Boost Employee Engagement With Video

Employee engagement is extremely important on many levels, one of the main reasons we cover it again and again. It’s one thing to have employees at the desk, it’s another to have them engaged with your company culture, mission, and values. 

When employees are engaged, there’s a huge difference in employee productivity versus employees that are not engaged. A research study done by Gallup suggests that a high engaged workforce can outperform their peers by 147 percent! 

That begs the question, “why are employers not focused on building employee engagement?” That same study also shows that worldwide, 87 percent of employees are not engaged and more than likely, you fall into that category. 

Animated videos and video content is a great way to build employee engagement. 

Employee Communications

Employee communications are vital to the success of your company and if you’re not communicating in an effective manner, your workforce engagement is going to be low. 

Having clear company goals, values, missions, objectives, all of these influence engagement. If you’re not clearly communicating this, you’re going to have a disconnect with your workforce. 

Employee communications strategies can be planned, designed and implemented to keep your employees engaged with the company. One of the best ways to communicate with employees is through video. 

In this guide, we’re going to cover 5 focus areas where you can boost employee engagement with video. Let’s get started.

(1) Training Videos

Your most productive employees will be those that know and understand their role in the company. Video is a great way to present training to employees. 

We’d recommend having a virtual training center where employees can watch video of the training or read it. By doing so, employees can decide which method of training they prefer, reading or watch video. 

We also recommend using videos that can be paused versus hiding the pause button. While we understand why a company would want to do that for a webinar or other marketing elements, inside the training, you want to allow employees the opportunity to pause and rewind as needed. 

(2) Onboarding Videos

Another effective strategy to boost employee engagement with video is using onboarding videos. In total, there’s a wide range of focus points you could create onboarding videos for.

Let’s cover a few of them below to use as reference.

  • Company Policies – We love the idea of covering company policy with video. Sure, you still want to have handouts and prints. However, these company policy videos can be recorded once and used as many times as needed. 
  • Skills Training – While we touched on this above, it’s still a very effective strategy to teach new and current employees. If you take your skills training videos serious, they can be very effective at helping employees level up. 
  • Welcome Video – It only takes a few minutes for the CEO to make a welcome video that can be sent to new employees. These can also be personalized with simple to use technology. 
  • Promotion Video – Just like the welcome video we talked about above, the CEO can also record a video to congratulate employees on their promotion. 

(3) Company News, Announcements And Updates

As it pertains to company news, announcements, and updates, you do want to make sure you’re sharing everything with your workforce. 

For starters, you should be focusing on clearly communicating your company culture, values, missions, etc. From day one, you should be sharing video and content that clearly articulates where you stand as an organization.

There’s many ways to share company news, announcements and updates. 

(4) Animated Videos

Animated videos are a great way to boost employee engagement. Here at Kadalyst, we’ve seen this first hand over and over again. 

We use animated videos to help our clients with employee benefits communications, among many other things. By nature, animated videos are engaging. While there’s nothing wrong with other video employee engagement strategies, animated videos can offer employees a different perspective.

HR communications can also benefit from animated videos. 

If you’ve never used them in your employee engagement strategy, it’s a great time to try it. 

(5) Service Videos

If your company offers services, you should have video that covers your services in-depth. While these videos will be great for your prospects, they can also be used as training resources for your employees. 

You should also have text content for any service videos you make, you can transcribe any videos that are made to give everyone a textual copy. Remember, some employees learn better watching videos and others learn better reading.

(6) Product Videos

Just as service videos, product videos can also be useful for both customers and employees. 

If you’re selling products, employees need to understand the product on a deep level, so product videos that cover a product in-depth can be very useful.

Just like with service videos, product videos can be used for a number of different purposes. 

In Conclusion

Employee engagement will always be a critical factor in deciding whether or not your business will be successful or not. 

Here’s a few questions you should be asking.

  1. Do my employees understand the company culture we’re trying to create?
  2. Do my employees clearly understand their role in the company?
  3. Do my employees know what the company stands for?
  4. Do my employees fully understand our products or services?
  5. Do my employees respect the company’s values and mission?
  6. Will my employees go the extra mile to accomplish objectives?
  7. Do my employees have the resources needed to advance their skills?

Do you need help boosting employee engagement? We’d love to show you everything we offer and how we can help you achieve high engagement with video. Feel free to reach out at 503-512-5175 or by clicking here to fill out our online form.

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