(27) Ways To Boost Employee Morale

There’s no question about it, keeping your employee morale high is vital to the success of your organization. Like with most companies, your employees are the most valuable assets you have and if they’re not productive, your company suffers from it. So, how do we boost employee morale?

One of the best strategies we’ve seen with boosting employee morale is changing your worksite culture. You have to be open to embracing positive changes before low morale tears your company a part. 

Before we jump into the many ways you can boost employee morale, let’s quickly talk about what causes low employee morale.

What Causes Low Employee Morale?

Low employee morale can be caused by a number of different reasons. 

  • Poor Employee Treatment
  • No Opportunities For Advancement/Promotions
  • Overworked 
  • Underpaid
  • No Open Communication
  • Not Recognizing Achievements And Completed Goals
  • High Turnover Rates
  • Working Many Hours

If your company has low employee morale, it’s highly likely that multiple reasons are causing it. Rarely will you have low employee morale based on just one factor, it’s usually a combination of different things that drives low morale. 

If employees are unhappy at work and not motivated to work, morale is going to be low. Furthermore, other areas of concern are going to occur, such as low productivity, absenteeism and others. 

Below, we’ve identified several ways to boost employee morale.

(1) Better Communication

Email is a big drag on employee production, it’s also not good for overall well-being. Email is known to be a stress maker because employees feel they have to react to every email at once. Instead of using email for communicating, try using a platform such as Slack.

(2) Create Feedback Loops

When you give your employees the stage to speak, it’s a big positive for everyone involved. We wall want to feel that are opinions and thoughts matter, this is one way you can show your employees just that. Let employees know that you welcome positive change and the line of communication is always open.

(3) Encourage Lunch Breaks

Studies have shown that only around 20 percent of workers take a real lunch break. Every worker needs time to rewind and reset. Lunch provides the perfect opportunity to clear their mind and get something healthy to eat. You can see a big boost of productivity after your employees have had time to unwind and eat lunch.

(4) Recognize Personal Achievements

Employers need to recognize employees that make personal achievements at the workplace. If you have an employee that is a rock star, make sure you let them know how much you value their effort and results. While acknowledgement goes a long way, we recommend you consider giving incentives for performance at work.

(5) Make Promotions Possible

There’s nothing worse than working at a job and knowing there’s no possible way to get a promotion. This is a big killer of employee morale because employees will know that no matter what they do, the promotion will never be there. If you want to boost morale, give them a promotion track to follow.

(6) More Vacation Days

You should be encouraging your staff and workers to take vacation days as everyone needs time away from work. The last thing you want is burnout in your company, which leads to stress and stress can lead to some bad things. Rather, make sure your giving your employees enough vacation days, especially to those who have been with the company for a long time.

(7) Consider Performance Based Bonuses

Another way to boost employee morale and keep employees productive is by offering bonuses. Unexpected bonuses boost morale, productivity and the culture of your worksite. It’s a great way to see positive changes in your company and employees will appreciate your efforts too.

(8) Reduce Hours At The Office

Some companies spend a lot of time in the office, such as law, finance and medicine. This office environment can drain your team, a simple change in environment can go a long way. Furthermore, just because you’re at the office doesn’t mean the work is productive. 

(9) Paid Birthday Off

Employees appreciate an employer that goes above and beyond to show their appreciation. Another way to boost employee morale, productivity and loyalty is to give your employees their birthdays off with pay. After all, who wouldn’t love that?

(10) Family Day At Work

The most important people in someone’s life is their family. Opening your doors to mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children can give you the opportunity to grow a strong community bond with all employees. 

(11) Recognizing Employee Losses

At some point, every employee is going to lose something near and dear to their heart. In many cases, this is going to be the death of a loved one. While you always want to protect an employee’s privacy, the right thing to do is recognize them and ensure they have what they need during this most difficult of times.

(12) Employee Wellness Program

Employee wellness programs have been known to boost employee morale and productivity. Furthermore, they can build workplace culture while reducing abseenteeism and presenteeism. Here at Kadalyst, we can help you every step of the way, helping you implement a wellness program that promotes health change.

(13) Empowering Work Environment

There’s a lot of different ways you can create a work environment that empowers your employees. For starters, you can use the calendar for ideas, such as celebrating the holidays. With each holiday, you can do special things for your employees. The typical work setting can be boring and this can create the wrong workplace culture. Rather, consider using decorations to enhance the environment. Instead of using cubicles, consider using an open environment with furniture and standing desk. 

(14) Throw In A Surprise Every Now And Then

Nothing is more exciting and fun then a great surprise, talk about a way to immediately boost your employee morale. There’s a lot of things you can do to surprise employees.

  • Give them half the day off paid
  • Do a contest or drawing for a paid day off
  • Have a performance based contest with a cash prize
  • Try a drawing that lets an employee leave early on Friday
  • Order lunch or snacks for your employees

(15) Get Out Of The Office As A Team

If you want to build chemistry with your team, make sure you get out of the office environment with them. It can be as simple as lunch a few times a week. Leaving the work environment is important, it gives everyone an opportunity to clear their mind and reset. In fact, meetings outside of work can be very fruitful. It’s also another way to boost the morale of employees.

(16) Recognize Burnout

Burnout is a real work epidemic and the sooner you can recognize it, the sooner you can put out those fires. Burnout is unhealthy and unproductive, it can lead to stress and stress can lead to health complications. Everyone needs time away from work. While we can always appreciate our hard workers, we also have to make sure they’re getting time away to reset.

(17) How can you spot burnout?

  • Appears more negative
  • Appears to be more stressed than usual
  • Has worked a lot of hours as of late
  • Appears exhausted and flushed
  • Appears to be more emotional than usual

(18) Consider Employee Training

You want your employees to be the best employees they can be, this is exactly why employee training is needed. If you want productive employees, they need to be trained correctly. If you don’t have an employee training process in place, be sure to consider it and develop employees with the skills they need to succeed at your company.

(19) Positive Encouragement And Praise

The last thing you want is a negative work environment where negativity rules the day. Studies have shown that positive encouragement is far superior than utilizing negative manners to encourage better performance. Employees appreciate encouragement and praise when they’ve done a good job. All humans do, so make sure your encouragement and praise is always positive.

(20) No Trust In Leadership

If your employees don’t trust leadership, it can cause huge problems for your organization. Employees will be negative, less productive and the morale of employees will drop. While you do need authority leaders in your organization, their relationships with your staff are vital for your company to succeed. Leaders should be positive, encouraging, great communicator and passionate. If your team trust your leaders, it will always be a powerful bond that will push employees to give 100 percent.

(21) Bad Influencers

If you have employees that are negative and unpassionate to their job, you need to get rid of them before they do more damage. Your employees can be influenced if they have to listen to something every single day. If this person is viewed as a leader, it can cause others to develop a negative view of the company. The solution is simple, get rid of them, you can’t afford to have this in your organization.

(22) No Incentives

Every heard of the term “dead-end job?” Yeah, you don’t want your company to be this. If you don’t have incentives and promotion opportunities in your company, how can you expect employees to be motivated to achieve their goals? They won’t be, they won’t be fully productive, they will be negative and they won’t care about their work.

(23) Respect Goes A Long Way

You should always respect your employees at the highest of levels. They’re the most important assets of your company but they shouldn’t be treated as an asset alone. Rather, you should always respect them and what they bring to your company.

(24) Nurture Creativity

You need to be a company that encourages creativity. If you want your employees to flourish, make sure they have the stage to do just that. Make sure they have a voice they can use to express ideas, suggestions and concerns. Give them encouragement and praise when appropriate. Build a bond with each employee and show them they’re appreciated. This alone can bring out the best in your team.

(25) Always Encourage Teamwork

While employees can do amazing things alone, teams can achieve greatness and you want your entire staff to work as one. One way you can encourage this is by pairing employees into teams. 

(26) Early Morning Productivity

Studies have shown that employees are most productive in the early hours of the day. Make sure your giving your most difficult task to your employees in the early hours of the day. This also allows you to get rid of the most difficult work right out of the gate.

(27) Contest And Awards

Everyone loves a little fun and excitement, so contest and awards are a great fun way to immediately boost morale and appreciation. This is a great way to boost morale, engagement and community within the workplace. 

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