Using Animated Video To Explain Employee Benefits

Animated Video Can Be Very Effective At Delivering Your Message

The types of employee benefits your company offers could be a deciding factor in employees choosing your company or choosing to work elsewhere. It can be a factor between finding the right talent or not. As health costs continue to rise and more companies drop health benefits, many job seekers feel a strong benefit offering is a top factor when considering employment.

While we know many companies still offer employee health benefits, we also know a majority of them are struggling to clearly communicate employee benefits to their workforce and potential new employees. HR Communications is extremely important and you’re going to learn one of the methods we use for communicating employee benefits…. “video.”

Employee benefits can get complicated and if your employees don’t understand them, they will have a disconnect. This is why communicating your employee health benefits is so important. While there’s several ways we can communicate with workers, we feel video is the most effective and data/studies back it.

Below, you’ll see a few examples of animated videos we’ve created for clients. While these videos look great, they’ve also been effective at creating results the companies needed.

Employee benefits are not the only thing employers and HR need to communicate to employees. What about your biometric screening events? What about virtual screening events? This is where video again can clearly articulate the message you need to share to employees.

Resource: How To Communicate Your Employee Benefits

Below, you’ll see another video we created for a client, this time for a virtual screening event the company was hosting for employees.

In 2020, video should be the primary way you communicate to employees. If you’re not using video, it’s possible your employee engagement is lacking. Are your employees engaged? If employees are not engaged, that usually means they’re also less productive.

Resource: How To Boost Employee Engagement With Video

Video can help you build engagement and productivity. Video can help you clearly articulate the message you want to send to employees. Video can help motivate and influence your employees to reach that next level.

If you’d like to learn more about our animated videos or employee communications, be sure to reach out. We’d love to discuss some of the results we’ve been able to help companies achieve. You can reach us at 503-512-5175 or you can use our contact form.

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