Wellness Program Launch: The Power Of Animated Video

Animated videos are great for your wellness program launch. Here at Kadalyst, we know that first hand.

You see, after talking with hundreds of business owners and human resource personal, we’ve seen one pattern repeat over and over again. You’re excited to launch your wellness program and then….. crickets! How could that be?

The big elephant in the room is employee engagement. If your employees are not engaged, your wellness program is doomed. Everyone is excited when you launch your wellness program and then, that excitement dies and no matter what they do, they just can’t build engagement.

Wellness Program Launch Success: HR Communications

HR communications is a big “key” to boosting employee engagement for your corporate wellness program. There’s many reasons we choose video over other strategies.

  • Visually appealing
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Visually articulates the value of your program
  • Can be viewed on many devices
  • Can easily be shared on a website, social media, etc.

You can see it in action below. We built this animated video for one of our clients, “ControlTek.” This particular video was for their wellness program launch at the beginning of the year.

Employee benefits communications is also very important for engagement, another key pillar in managing a successful wellness program. If your employees don’t fully understand the health benefits you provide, how could you expect them to get excited about what you’re offering?

Most employers will find that the majority of employees don’t fully comprehend their benefit offering. This is why it’s important for HR to continuously communicate employee benefits to their workforce.

For those of you that are “talking” fitness at work, animated videos are one of the best methods for sharing your message with your employees. Again, we’ll use another example from our client ControlTek.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already launched your wellness program or you’re planning a wellness program launch soon, one of the most effective ways to get employees engaged is video.

Below, you’re going to see another example of how animated videos can be used to communicate your message and get employees engaged.

These are just a few of many animated videos we’ve worked on for clients. If you want to learn more about our animated video services, be sure to reach out. You can reach us directly at 503-512-5175 or through this form.

We fully understand how employee engagement is key to a successful wellness program. Animated videos are just one example of what can be used to get employees engaged.

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