A health assessment can be used as a first step to identifying a patient’s health problems. Health assessments help to identify the medical needs of patients. Patients health is assessed by conducting physical examination of the patient, such as biometric screening.

The health assessment can help you build a plan of action that directly relates to the specific health needs a person has. You’ll hear the term used a lot in healthcare and nursing homes.

Health Assessment For Employers

Here at Kadalyst, when we refer to health assessment, it stems from employee wellness programs. Employers can give their employees a health assessment that can help them determine what activities to focus on to help improve the well-being of employees.

There’s a number of different things an assessment can involve, depending on exactly what you’re referring too.

For example, when we do health assessments for employers, we rely on biometric screening. You could rightfully say this type of screening is a mini physical. If you ever played sports growing up, it’s likely you had to complete a physical to play.

Let’s take a look at what biometric screenings consists of. These can include but are not limited to;

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol And Lipid Panels
  • Glucose
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

The biometric screening can help you determine how to take advantage of your company’s wellness programs. If you learn you need to lose 10 pounds and your employer’s corporate wellness program has a gym membership, you can take advantage of it.

In many cases, when health assessments are being performed, your provider will need to get a health history from you. Once they have your history documented, the assessment can begin.

There are a number of different diagnostic tests that can be done when someone is already showing signs or symptoms of a disease/illness.

One of the top health assessments is called Initial Assessment, which determines the nature of the problem and prepares the path to be took for ensuing assessment stages.

Focused Assessment is for exposing and treating the problem.

Time-Lapsed Assessment, this focuses on patient recovery, ensuring the patient is stable.

Emergency Assessments focus on identifying the root causes of concern for the patient and assessing the airway, breathing and circulation (ABCs) of the patient.

Do You Recommend Health Assessments?

There’s no question about it, a health assessment is important. However, we won’t discuss assessments on the healthcare side of things.

Rather, we’ll focus on whether or not employers should be adding assessments to their corporate wellness programs. It’s an easy answer, it’s YES!

We highly recommend biometric screenings. This is going to give your employees a clear path to beginning to achieve their health goals. The results of their screenings will give them the opportunity to see the areas that need improved and you can begin to build a plan to start getting healthier.

If you have an employee wellness program, biometric screenings should be a major part of it. If you want to learn how we help employers use biometric screenings in relation to their corporate wellness programs, take a minute to reach out.

You can do so by calling 503-512-5175 or by using this online form.

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