Workplace Health: Why Does It Matter?

Building strong workplace health and encouraging a healthy workforce can create a powerful work environment for your employees to thrive. A healthy workplace can lead to increased productivity, higher employee morale, less absenteeism and health-spend savings for both employers and employees.

Is Workplace Health Important?

If you’re an employer, that’s the question you have to ask first. How will help my company? Will I see positive ROI? What are the pros and cons?

All of those are justified questions to ask, but to address the big elephant in the room… Is it important? YES! Most employers don’t realize the importance, we’re going to tell you why it is and how it can help your company in this article.

Kadalyst offers a powerful suite of science-based, evidence informed tools and services to help you build and maximize an effective workplace culture of health. We have a number of solutions to help you take your workplace and workforce on a crusade to improved health.

Here at Kadalyst, we have 3 core solutions we offer to employers;

  • Care Management
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Biometric Screening

Solution #1 – Care Management

Our Proactive Care Management is a 3 phase approach impacting healthcare costs and improving health outcomes for all your plan members and employees.

  • Phase 1 – Analytics Consulting
  • Phase 2 – Marketing And Education
  • Phase 3 – Clinical Coaching

Phase 1 – Analytics Consulting

Kadalyst’s health analytics platform provides you with powerful insight into your workforce’s future healthcare spend and current health status. Kadalyst provides you a comprehensive analysis of your health analytics data and conducts a wellness program audit to further assess cost containment strategies and recommendations to establish program goals over the next 12-36 months.

Phase 2 – Marketing And Education

Our 90-day implementation plan is focused on educating plan members about the new Care Management program; what to expect, who our Clinical Coaches are & what they can discuss, and confidentiality through a comprehensive communication campaign.

Phase 3 – Clinical Coaching

Employee engagement is crucial to gaining traction within any cost containment or health improvement program. That’s why we leverage a variety of data sources and technology to aid our ability to reach the right people at the right time.

We establish mutually agreed upon performance metrics and milestones, that lead to a healthier workforce and lowerout-of-pocket insurance costs. The performance metrics monitored are based on the cohort(s) created within the Springbuk platform and must fall within the acceptable ranges, as agreed upon. Sample performance metrics are provided below.

Solution #2 – Employee Wellness Programs

A well managed employee wellness program can lead to a wide range of benefits for your company moving forward, such as;

Wellness done right supports a culture and environment that your employees can’t wait to be a part of and that enriches their lives and those of their families. Your dedicated Wellness Coordination Team handles every aspect to ensure your team is happy and healthy and they have you to thank!

Employee Wellness Launch Plan

Every good business strategy begins with a plan. That’s why it’s imperative to create a multi-year workplace wellness program based on defined goals. Whether your aim is improving employee health or elevating company culture or both, we can help you develop an action plan that will drive results.

We have a 6 step process that’s been tested and proven to to be effective. It includes;

  1. Written Program Plan
  2. Wellness Committee
  3. Launch Activities And Education
  4. Wellness Satisfaction Survey
  5. Collecting Data
  6. Reviewing Objectives

Dedicated Wellness Program Team

Your company has specific needs so you should have a wellness program that fits your culture and team. Your dedicated wellness coordinator and support team gets to know your company culture to provide a program that fits you best to drive engagement. Their assistance is unlimited and can be dialed up or down depending on the scope and time availability of your programming needs.

Your wellness coordinator is there to support you with;

  • Designing Your Wellness Plan
  • Program Benefits And Resources
  • Designing Social Challenges
  • Your Target Message And Communication
  • Wellness Event Coordination
  • Activity Varifications
  • Wellness Committee Faciliation
  • New Internal Policies

Your wellness team will also help with;

  • Employee Wellness Program Marketing
  • Health Campaigns
  • Health Education
  • Employer IT Support

Solution #3 – Biometric Screening

A lot of employers may be asking, “why would we offer biometric screening for employees?”

Over 50% of employees do not get their annual health screening, which makes your workplace an ideal location for them to quickly and confidentially have their physical health assessed to better understand their current health status. 

Plus, obtaining aggregate reporting on your workforce, identifies areas to enhance your wellness programming initiatives.

Screening employees doesn’t have to be difficult, just make it easy for them to do just that.

Since the leading cause of the death in the U.S. is cardiovascular disease, you can focus your employee health screenings on heart health. 

When screening your employees, make sure it’s the least invasive and most accurate method. That’s why we administer a finger-poke and have blood samples analyzed in a lab.

Workplace Health Matters More Than Most Realize

Too many employers don’t realize the positive impacts that workplace health can have on their business. This is why Kadalyst spends so much time and effort on workplace health education.

This is also why Kadalyst can help your company reach positive ROI while saving you money and helping your employees get healthier.

If you’re serious about your workplace health and you want to learn more about what we offer, give us a call at 503-512-5175. You can also use our contact form, just click here.

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